Denglish Repair Shop

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What is Denglish?

You want to write your term paper or thesis in English.

You are confident about the specialized vocabulary in English that you want to use.

You sit down and start writing sentences and suddenly there’s something wrong – your sentences consist of English words but they don’t sound like English. They sound like ... German sentences with English words!?! And they are! You are are writing Denglish! It might not be that bad and you might want to just get it done – what the heck, your advisor probably writes Denglish too...

But Denglish is not a Totalschaden. By reviewing some basic differences between German and English, a lot of the dents and scratches can be repaired. Bring an early version of your text to the Denglish Repairshop, get a tune-up and start writing English sentences with English words.


Der Denglish Repairshop von Paul Abbott ist ein persönliches Beratungsangebot und richtet sich an alle Studierenden, die englische Texte verfassen müssen - in Protokollen, Übungsaufgaben, Korrespondenz oder Abschlussarbeiten. 

Sie können jederzeit einen Termin vereinbaren:

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