English for Natural Scientists

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Why bother?

The scientific community is borderless and its common language is English – time to brush up on basics in English for Natural Scientists!

Learning goals

Students can improve their Scientific English competencies, including reading and writing skills as well as skills needed to develop and maintain relationships in the global scientific community.


English for Natural Scientists 1:
Careers in science, reading science, planning and conducting research, key words and phrases
English for Natural Scientists 2:
Writing empirical reports, presenting research results, cooperating globally, key words and phrases

Format: 2 SWS pro semester, total of 60 study hours*
CEFR level: B1-B2 or higher
Attendance: required for those who want credit points

*As a combination of English for Natural Scientists 1 (SoSe, 30 study hours) and English for Natural Scientists 2 (WiSe, 30 study hours)


Semester 1: 3 quizes
Semester 2: 1 presentation


Each participant must attend 12 classes per semester. In addition participants must attend at least 2 other events associated with the natural sciences at which English is spoken. These events must last at least one hour and must be relevant for your course of studies, for example a lecture by a visiting scholar. Please write a brief (circa 50 words – 2 paragraphs) report on the event and post it at our OLAT “Forum” no later than 2 weeks after the event.

When and where?

Winter term 2017/18 starting October 18, always on Wednesdays, 12:00 to 14:00, Campus Riedberg, Geowissenschaften 2.102