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Thesis Writing Group - English  

Dozentin: Carly Crane 
Wed., 20.04./ 04.05./ 18.05./ 01.06./ 15.06./ 29.06./ 06.07./ 20.07., from 10:00-13:00
Ort: IG 201 (20.04.-29.06.) and SH 5.104 (06.07.-20.07)
Maximale Teilnehmer*innen-Zahl: 20
Sonderhinweis: The writing group may take place in person or digitally, depending on the preferences of participants. The first session will take place in person.

Die Kurse und Workshops des Schreibzentrums sind für Studierende der Goethe-Universität kostenlos. | Die Teilnahme ist nur nach vorheriger Anmeldung möglich.

This offer is part workshop, part writing group and is intended for all students of the humanities and social sciences (Bachelor, PhD dissertation, Examen, Magister, Master).

A key aspect of this writing group will be giving and receiving feedback on your writing projects.

You will learn methods for giving effective feedback and this process will be guided. It is critical for writers to meet the needs of our readers, but it can be difficult for us to imagine or anticipate these needs on our own. (Questions we frequently ask ourselves during the writing process are actually about anticipating readers' needs, like: Have I made this point clearly enough? Does my structure make sense?) The peer-feedback process provides you with direct contact with your reader, helping you to make definitive progress in your writing project.

You will also be introduced to methods to support you as you write your thesis or final paper. These inputs will cover a wide range of topics: time management, narrowing a topic, developing a research question, dealing with and evaluating secondary literature, reading strategies, finding a structure, and revision strategies.


  • writing, revision, and research strategies for varying stages in the thesis-writing process
  • Peer feedback


Committed, regular attendance, independent engagement in writing groups, and a willingness to give others insight into your text project, even if you feel it is not yet “finished" or “good." The Schreibzentrum's workshops can be credited to you for the optional modules of some subjects. You will receive a certificate of attendance from us; the credit will be given in the subject itself.

Please bring:
Paper and something to write with. 


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