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The Writer's Process for Advanced Students

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Dozierende: Carly Crane
Termin: Fr, 09.12., 10-17 Uhr
Ort: IG 1.314
Maximale Teilnehmer:innen: 20


Even when we have experience writing in academic contexts, long-term writing projects (like an advanced term paper or a thesis) present us with unique challenges. Simply put, a bachelor's thesis, for example, is different from a first- or second-year term paper, and it requires a different and more complex approach to the writing process.

This workshop prepares students for the distinct challenges of a long-term writing project in English. We'll discuss a host of practical strategies for an advanced writing process; we'll cover, for instance, how to create a writing schedule and manage one's time, how to develop one's ideas and arguments in writing, how to write with sources and avoid plagiarism, how to revise one's writing, and how to deal with the challenges of writing in a foreign language. Over the course of the workshop, participants will apply these strategies to their own writing projects.

Note: It is not a requirement, but it would be helpful to attend “The Research Process for Advanced Students (EN)" before attending this workshop.


  • Advanced writing processes
  • Planning and time management
  • Developing one's ideas in writing and revising one's writing
  • Writing with sources and avoiding plagiarism
  • Guidance for writing in a foreign language


  • Topic for an upcoming term paper or thesis
  • Laptop or tablet (if possible)
  • Paper and something to write with
  • Voraussetzungen

    Participants should have experience writing research-based academic texts. This workshop was designed with advanced students (e.g., students in the final stages of their Bachelor studies, MA students, and thesis-writers) in mind.


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